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Modelithics Global Models™ - Substrate Scalable Models

These measurement-based models, available for selected Chilisin components, are substrate (pcb board) scalable, pad geometry scalable and part-value scalable. The models represent high-order resonant effects and accurate effective series resistance. They also extrapolate accurately to DC and also to high frequencies above the measurement validation range. Each model includes com-plete documentation detailing the test fixtures used, measurement conditions, range of validity, and model-to-measurement data comparisons.

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Modelithics Models

Product Type Part Number Modelithics Part umber
Chip Inductor BSCL_2012 IND-CHL-0805-002
RF Inductor BSCH_1608 IND-CHL-0603-001
Ferrite Bead BBSY_100505 FBD-CHL-0402-001




RF Inductors:S-Parameter

Part Number Download
BSCQ_060303 S-Parameter
BSCH_060303 S-Parameter
BSCH_100505_CS S-Parameter
BSCH_100505_CP S-Parameter
BSCH_160808 S-Parameter
BWCM_120707 S-Parameter
BWCM_161008 S-Parameter
ASCQ_060303  S-Parameter 
ASCH_100505_CP  S-Parameter