Quality and Social Responsibility

Environmental Policy

Catching up with the trend towards environmental protection, Chilisin's products are processed in a 100% lead-free environment to meet the EU RoHS requirement. As a member of Sony Green Partner, Samsung Eco partner & ASUS GA, Chilisin is devoted to use green design, purchase green, produce green, and to take social responsibility for the environment. Chilisin has adopted the following policies with regards to environmental conservation:

To be a responsible enterprise 

  • arrowTo comply with all laws and regulations.
  • arrowTo limit pollution and protect the environment.
  • arrowTo conserve energy, reduce industrial waste, recycle and reuse.
  • arrowTo encourage employees to adopt green initiatives.

Quality Policy

Chilisin became the 1st inductor manufacturer in Taiwan to receive the TS16949 recognition through its top product design, automated production facilities and strict quality assurance system. Chilisin aims to deliver outstanding products and satisfy client needs as part of its overall quality policy.
With the intention to “meet demands and satisfy clients”, Chilisin believes in the “one shot to perfection” philosophy.

Social Responsibility

The management philosophy of the company is to invest in new technology, increase product range and improve service & quality in order to grow the company, employees and customers. On top of that, Chilisin is fully committed to protect the environment through various green initiatives,energy and resource conservation efforts.

Chilisin's Corporate Social Responsibilities include:      

  • arrowTo comply with all laws and regulations of ROC.
  • arrowTo provide employees a safe & healthy working environment as well as continuous training programs and competitive welfare to create an aspiring talent pool.
  • arrowTo respect employees’ freedom of choice; any form of forced or illegal labor including child labor is condemned.
  • arrowTo provide a fair working environment; no discrimination is allowed.
  • arrowTo educate employees on the concept of environmental protection, safety & hygiene; target to eliminate all working hazards
  • arrowTo enforce and expand on environmental protection measures defined by regulatory: to control pollution and discard contraband material; to conserve energy and reduce carbon activities; to efficiently utilize resources for environmental improvement and maintain ecological balance.
  • arrowTo enhance corporate and shareholder value.

Conflict Mineral Policy

arrow Do not purchase conflict metals produced from conflict mineral zones.

arrow Require suppliers to refuse using conflict metals from conflict mineral zones and issue the letter of Non-using commitment.

  Conflict Metal Statement

Testing Report for Resistor