Chilisin Group Consolidation Revenue- November.2021


Chilisin reported November 2021 consolidated revenue of US$43.890 million

December 10th, 2021


Chilisin Corporation reported November 2021 consolidated revenue of US$43.890 million, recording revenue about even MoM but down 10.17% YoY, with accumulated 2021 revenue of US$567.826 million, up 12.68% YoY. (All figures are based on exchange rate of USD/TWD 28.047, for reference purpose only.)

November’s consolidated revenue was about even compare to the previous month, mainly attributed to the shortage of IC components and some customers are still under the impact of power restrictions.

Although the uncertainty remains high due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, IC component supplies and the China’s power consumption control policy, the company will stay prudent to face the ever-changing markets/pandemic situation and its operation outlook.



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