Chilisin Group Reports 3rd Quarter of 2021


Chilisin Corporation reported its 2021 Q3 financial results

November 11th, 2021

Chilisin Corporation (TAIEX: 2456 TW) today announced its 2021 Q3 financial results. The total consolidated revenue was US$158.385 million, down 4.41% QoQ. The gross margin was US$45.772 million, down 10.19% QoQ. The gross margin rate was 28.90%, decreased by 1.86% percentage points QoQ. Net consolidated profits after tax attribute to parent company was US$6.368 million, down 56.89% QoQ. EPS after tax was US$0.024.

The consolidated sales for the three quarters of 2021 reported US$ 479.414 million. Net consolidated profit after tax attribute to parent company reported US$ 38.668 million, or US$0.147 earnings per share. Gross margin rate posted 29.41%. The operating income reached US$ 60.964 million with 12.72% of operating profit margin rate. Non-operating items posted a net loss of US$ 9.934 million.

The third quarter’s consolidated revenue was lower than the previous quarter, mainly attributed to delayed order pulling from some customers impacted by the shortage of IC component supplies and China’s power restriction in late September.

Coming into the fourth quarter, although the uncertainty remains due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, shortage of IC component supplies and the China’s power restriction policy; the company will remain prudent to face the ever-changing markets and its operation outlook.



*All figures are based on exchange rate of USD/TWD 28.0840 for reference purpose only.
**With the equity transfers between Ralec and Bothhand at the end of January 2021, Ralec’s revenue and financial figures have been excluded and added Bothhand’s revenue and financial figures in the 2021 Q1 consolidated figures.



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