Chilisin Consolidation Revenue-August.2019


Chilisin Group reports August 2019 consolidated revenue of US$45.273 million, recording revenue up 3.6% MoM but down 30.47% YoY, with accumulated 2019 revenue of US$337.366 million, down 7.83% YoY.



Chilisin group’s consolidated monthly revenue of August 2019 reached US$45.273 million, up 3. 6% MoM but down 30.47% YoY. Accumulated revenue of 2019 reached US$337.366 million, down 7.83% YoY.

Chilisin’s individual revenue of August 2019 was US$17.455 million, up 2.08% MoM but down 17.22% YoY.

MagLayer’s individual revenue of August 2019 was US$8.434 million, down 0.05% MoM and 16.71% YoY.

Magic’s individual revenue of August 2019 was US$4.356 million, up 3.7% MoM but down 15.6% YoY.

Due to the impact of Sino-US trade war, the above-three mentioned inductor companies’ revenues of August decreased YoY but slightly increased MoM.

Ralec’s individual revenue of August was US$9.786million, up 9.73% MoM but down 65.4%YoY. This month’s revenue increases mainly because the Greater China customers ‘inventory digestion, causing demand started to rebound, combining with the increased order-pulling momentum from Korean customers.

Ferroxcube’s individual revenue of August was US$5.241 million, up 3.9% MoM but down 6.57% YoY. Under the impact of European summer vacation and unsatisfying US automotive sales, MOM still increased slightly. Moving forward, driven by US Christmas retail sales, demand for consumer products is expected to pick up and order visibility is expected to increase slightly.


 *Each monthly figures are based on exchange rate of the reporting month, for reference purpose only.   

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