Chilisin Consolidation Revenue- April.2019


Chilisin Group reports April 2019 consolidated revenue of US$42.5 million, recording revenue growth of 3.21% MoM and 6.91% YoY, with accumulated 2019 revenue of US$162,45 million, increased 16.46% YoY.


Chilisin group’s consolidated monthly revenue for April 2019 reached US$42,559 million, an increase of 6.91% YoY and 3.21% MoM. Accumulated revenue of 2019 reached US$162,45 million, increased by 16.46% YoY.
Chilisin’s individual revenue of April 2019 was US$15.60 million, increased by 10.36% MoM and decreased 14.18% YoY.
MagLayer’s individual revenue of April 2019 was US$7.81 million, increased by 0.07% MoM and 0.92% YoY.
Magic’s individual revenue of April 2019 was US$4.34 million, increased by 1.80% MoM and decreased by 5.87% YoY.
Looking through the above-mentioned three inductor companies’ performance, the mainland China’s mobile phone demand for Chilisin continued to increase in March, along with the rising shipment of mini molding choke inductors, hence this month's revenue recorded double-digit MoM growth. MagLayers’ April revenue remained stagnant MoM, mainly because of the networking market did not grow as good as expected and Intel’s low-end CPU supply gap. Although still significantly limited, Intel’s CPU supply has slightly eased compared to the previous month, resulted to a modest increase in Magic’s revenue MoM.
Ralec’s individual revenue of April 2019 was US$8.63 million, decreased by 1.62% MoM and 44.93% YoY. This month's revenue declined compared with the previous month, mainly because of the order volume in the market has not returned to its normal level and the new price in the second quarter has taken effect. Moreover, due to the product shortage in the second quarter of last year, the base period was higher, hence the revenue for this month was also lower than that of the same period last year.
Ferroxcube’s individual revenue of April 2019 was US$6.18 million, decreased by 1.32% MoM but increased by 3.70% YoY. This month's revenue decreased slightly from the previous month, mainly because the overall market in Europe wasn’t as good as expected and shipments were flat, but still managed to cultivate YoY growth.
Looking forward to the future, the supply chain inventory depletion has gradually slowed down and the market is expected to be resolved at the end of the second quarter. Inductor segment is expected to continue to push up revenue in the automotive market, artificial intelligence and 5G fields; Although the ASP declined in the resistor market, the orders in the Greater China region and distributor channels has gradually recovered. In the second quarter, the performance is predicted to be better than the first quarter. The performance of new mobile phone and industrial power customers in the district continued to increase steadily, and the new design projects in the US continued to increase, driving up the performance. In 2019, Chilisin Group expects to have good growth momentum.


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