Chilisin Consolidation Revenue- February.2019


Chilisin Group reports February 2019 consolidated revenue of US$32.37 million, recording revenue growth of 27.84% YoY.


Chilisin group’s consolidated monthly revenue for February 2019 reached US$32.37 million, an increase of 27.84% YoY and a decrease of 30.13% MoM due to the seasonal Spring Festival holiday factor of shorter working period of 28 days.
Chilisin’s individual revenue of February 2019 was US$10.8 million, decreased by 30.59% MoM and increased by 12.24% YoY.
MagLayer’s individual revenue of February 2019 was US$5.42 million, decreased by 37.17% MoM and increased by 7.12% YoY.
Magic’s individual revenue of February 2019 was US$2.68 million, decreased by 36.16% MoM and 18.87% YoY.
The above mentioned three inductor companies’ MoM revenue has decreased merely due to seasonal factors. Magic’s revenue was down due to the lack of Intel CPU in middle and low-end products, hence unable to fully meet the market demand. Despite sluggish MoM growth, Chilisin and MagLayers still maintain to have positive YoY growth rate, indicating that the inductor business has progressively recover from the unfavorable external market.
Ralec’s individual revenue of February 2019 was US$7.66 million, decreased by 31.39% MoM and 24.87% YoY mainly due to the remaining inventory in the supply chain, but the orders have shown signs of recovery. After the supply chain inventory destocking is completed, the resistor market is expected to rebound.
Ferroxcube’s individual revenue of February 2019 was US$5.84 million in February 2019, decreased by 14.45% MoM but increased by 5.58% YoY. MoM revenue decrease was due to the small number of shipping days in February which is a normal seasonal factor, but YoY revenue is still 5.58% higher for two consecutive months this year, due to the bottleneck capacity completion in the second half of 2019 and continuous increase in shipment.
Looking forward to the future, the Sino-US trade disputes that affected the global economy would likely to ease in the first half of 2019. The inductor business is expected to continue to push up revenue in the automotive market, artificial intelligence and 5G. Likewise, the resistor business is predicted to have a market rebound after the unfavorable factors in the supply chain destocking are resolved. Hence, Chilisin group expects a good growth momentum in 2019.


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