Chilisin Consolidation Revenue- June.2018


Chilisin Reported Revenue for June 2018 reached 57.8MUSD, YoY 38.48%
2018 Accumulated Revenue 285.3MUSD, continue to break record



Chilisin group is announcing the consolidated monthly revenue of US$57.8 million for June 2018, which represented 5.72% growth compared to the previous month, and 38.48% growth compared to the same period of previous year. The accumulated revenue of Y2018 was US$285.3 million, YoY 17.70%.

Chilisin individual revenue of June was US$18.8 million, -8.62% MoM and 29.21% YoY. The accumulated revenue of Y2018 from Chilisin was US$103.5 million, YoY 14.90% growth. Ralec individual revenue reached US$23.99 million, 29.25% MoM, and 87.07% YoY, which was the consecutive 4th month to reach historically record high in terms of revenue. The accumulated revenue of Y2018 from Ralec was US$70 million, YoY 40.24% growth. Ferroxcube individual revenue reached US$6.5 million, 0.38% MoM, and 13.51% YoY. The accumulated revenue of Y2018 from Ferroxcube was US$37.4 million, YoY 7.76% growth. MagLayers individual revenue reached US$8.5 million, -6.06% MoM, and -1.39% YoY. The accumulated revenue of Y2018 from MagLayers was US$47.4 million, YoY -2.14% growth.

Chilisin revenue of June was slightly affected by mid-year stock checking and less working days. Ralec monthly sales continued to hit new record high, which was coming from the demand on chip resistors and metal current sensors at end customers. Ferroxcube sales revenue was kept flat due to the Poland factory’s delayed output. The capacity output from China and Poland factory will be pushed up from Q3 which is expected to sustain growth momentum. Maglayers June revenue was slightly declined due to the shortage of IC components faced by end customers, which resulted in slow pull-in on MagLayers orders. Chilisin foresees better performance in 2nd half year from stronger demand.

Looking into the future, Chilisin’s orders of molding choke and small sized RF inductors keep at high level. Chilisin orders were still strong which is expected to be delivered in 2nd half year. Ralec’s capacity of chip resistors is increasing in Malaysia factory, which will gradually contribute to sales revenue in coming quarter, combining with the effects from market demand. Ferroxcube foresee obvious growth from end of 3rd quarter with the increasing capacity output, and orders keep coming from automotive, solar, and high-end server customers. MagLayers will be benefited from the new project being marketing, including graphic card,high-end server, and SSD applications. Chilisin group expected to have prominent growth momentum in Year 2018.


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