Chilisin Consolidation Revenue- January 2019


Chilisin Group reports January 2019 consolidated revenue of US$46.32 million, recording revenue growth of 18.46% MoM and 25.15% YoY, Ferroxcube revenue hit a new record high.


Chilisin group’s consolidated monthly revenue for January 2019 reached US$46.32 million, an increase of 18.46% MoM and 25.15% YoY. Among them, Ferroxcube has once again set a new record high for its monthly revenue.
Chilisin’s individual revenue of January 2019 was US$15.5 million, increased by 17.81% MoM but decreased by 10.70% YoY.
MagLayers’ individual revenue of January 2019 was US$8.62 million, increased by 25.45% MoM and 10.59% YoY.
Magic’s individual revenue of January 2019 was US$4.19 million, increased by 13.39% MoM but decreased by 21.47% YoY. This month’s revenue has surpassed last month’s revenue although YoY still lower, mainly because of the Intel CPU’s sluggish supply, hence the end customer’s demand has gradually increased.
Although the above three mentioned inductor companies’ YoY revenue decreased, they still maintain to have double digit MoM revenue growth rates, indicating that the inductor business has gradually recovered from the unfavorable factors such as the recent business environment uncertainties and destocking of the supply chain.
Ralec’s individual revenue of January 2019 was US$11.16 million, decreased by 4.36% MoM and 14.41% YoY. The decrease in revenue this month is mainly due to the remaining inventory in supply chain. However, orders in January have rebounded significantly. It is expected that resistor sales will return after the end of the first quarter.
Ferroxcube posted new record high individual revenue of US$6.82 million in January 2019, increased by 84.97% MoM and 3.38% YoY. It is because the debottleneck in fourth quarter of 2018 has begun to have a good output. Moreover, with the ending of the long-term holiday in Europe and America, the pulling energy recovers. Adding the automotive segment, and steadily growing demand of new energy vehicles have been the main cause of this significant revenue escalation.
Looking forward to 2019, unfavorable factors such as China-US trade disputes and supply chain inventory reduction in the first quarter still remains. Nonetheless, the performance is expected to be gradually stabilize in the second quarter, as the group has already launched a long-term strategy to optimize global plant locations towards production cost reduction and shipment risks minimization due to geopolitical influences. Looking at the product sides, the group has responded to the international market development trend such as 5G IoT-related applications, new energy vehicle industry, and the smart factory automation robot, in which various types of corresponding products have been launched to meet the needs of customers. Therefore, the outlook for 2019 annual revenue is still cautiously optimistic..


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