Chilisin Consolidation Revenue- November 2018


Chilisin Group Reports November 2018 Consolidated Revenue of US$46.42 Million, Recording Revenue Growth of 24.76% YoY.


Chilisin group’s consolidated monthly revenue for November 2018 reached US$46.42 million, recording an increase of 24.76% YoY and decreased MoM revenue by 8.37%. Along with Magic’s revenue, the group recorded decreased MoM revenue by 9.08% and YoY revenue by 2.44%. The group’s YTD revenue (excluding Magic) reached US$543.07 million, increased by 42.33% YoY.
Chilisin’s individual revenue of November 2018 reached US$14.94 million, decreased in MoM by 19.13% and YoY by 16.08%. YTD revenue of 2018 was US$202.02 million, growing by 11.07% YoY. This growth rate has successfully surpassed last year’s whole-year revenue. November’s revenue recorded a decrease compared to the same month’s revenue of previous year, mainly due to the China-US trade dispute which sparked a global end consumers demand turning to conservative, resulting in a more cautious order placing by customers, especially for mobile phones and telecommunication customers.
MagLayers’ individual revenue of November 2018 reached US$9.11 million, growing by 21.11% MoM and 8.69% YoY. YTD revenue of 2018 was US$95.36 million, increasing by 5.68% YoY.
Magic’s individual revenue of November 2018 reached US$3.78 million, growing by 3.54% MoM but decreased YoY by 24.67%. YTD revenue reached US$51.53 million, growing by 8.10% MoM. Magic Technology Co., Ltd. officially became a 100% owned subsidiary of Chilisin group by November 30th this year, hence only one business day of revenue was recognized this month. The company’s YoY revenue declined mainly due to the poor performance of mining application in Mainland China in recent months and the lack of Intel chip component on the market, which affected the shipment of PC/NB and server customers. As soon as the market returns to normal condition, the shipment will gradually incline to good momentum.
Ralec’s individual revenue of November 2018 reached US$14.75 million, decreased by 22.37% MoM, yet still maintain to have a double-digit YoY growth by 10.53%. YTD revenue reached US$216.92 million, recording a substantial growth of 60.26% YoY. Decreased MoM revenue was mainly due to the high level of inventory in the second and third quarter of the current year, along with the ongoing US-China trade disputes has caused the short-term orders of Chinese channel traders to decrease rapidly. However, as the US-China trade negotiation gradually shown good signs, the market will be gradually getting back on track soon.
Ferroxcube’s individual revenue of November 2018 impressively hit a new record high of US$6.78, growing by 20.02% MoM and 12.13% YoY. YTD revenue reached US$67.80 million, growing by 5.43% YoY. As the debottleneck expansion in the fourth quarter of this year has gradually been completed, it is estimated that after the completion of the capital expenditure in the first quarter of next year, the shipment will be further increase.
Despite the uncertainties from the macro situation and insufficient confidence from the market, especially for consumer applications such as mobile phones and NB & PC, Chilisin group maintain to have a steady growth rate when it comes to the market related to automotive electronics, industrial applications, Internet of Things, LED lighting and smart home applications.
Looking forward to next year, the US-China trade dispute has initially relieved, and the global consumer market is expected to rebound. Chilisin Group has already built a global production base earlier in Poland, Vietnam, and Malaysia to reduce the additional tax burden caused by trade barriers, hence we believe that after geopolitical interference factors has eased out gradually, Chilisin group will be able to quickly return to its growth track.



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