Chilisin Consolidation Revenue- September.2018


Chilisin Group Reports September 2018 Consolidated Revenue of US$68.3 Million YoY, Continuously Breaking MoM Revenue Record



Chilisin Group has successfully achieved September 2018 monthly revenue of US$68.3 million, recording revenue growth of 1,74% MoM. This period revenue growth has increased substantially by 72.18% YoY. Along with MagLayers’ revenue, the group has recorded actual revenue growth of 42.35% YoY. The group’s YTD sales (excluding MagLayers) has reached US$446.2 million, recording an increase of 44.68% YoY. Along with MagLayers’ revenue, YTD sales has increased by 27.09% YoY. Chilisin, MagLayers, and Ralec also simultaneously recorded new highest monthly revenue for consecutive three months.

Chilisin’s individual revenue of September has reached US$22.2 million, showing an increase of 2.11% MoM, and 10.09% YoY. Chilisin’s YTD revenue of 2018 was US$168.7 million, growing by 14.76% YoY, indicating that the company’s current sales remain strong & reliable.

MagLayer’s individual revenue of September 2018 has reached US$10.4 million, surpassing US$9.7 million figures for the third time in monthly revenue, hence recording revenue growth of 0.04% MoM and an increase of 25.61% YoY. MagLayers’ YTD revenue of 2018 was US$78.7 million, an increase of 6.32% YoY.

Ralec’s individual revenue of September 2018 has reached US$29.9 million, recording a substantial revenue growth of 115.28% YoY and 2.53% MoM, continuously breaking the highest monthly revenue for the consecutive seven months. Ralec’s YTD revenue of 2018 was US$183.2 million, recording a substantial increase of 67.78% YoY. Both chip resistor and metal current sensors sales remains consistently increasing over the period.

Ferroxcube individual revenue of September 2018 has reached US$5.7 million, recording an increase of 2.53% YoY although MoM revenue decrease by 0.52%. Ferroxcube’s YTD revenue of 2018 was US$55.3 million, recording an increase of 6.12% YoY. Due to the fluctuated Mainland China customer mix and temporary factory bottleneck issue, Ferroxcube was unable to optimize its production capacity, which has temporarily detaining the company’s revenue increase. As soon as the de-bottleneck facility is ready for output increase, Ferroxcube will be able to come back on the growth track.

Chilisin Group’s commitment to long-term global market development will undoubtedly bring success to penetrate substantial international customers, moving orders forward to continuously reaching new high revenue growth and bringing superior performance.

Foreseeing the upcoming business landscape, respective companies will focus on strengthening the revenue as well as cutting down the cost while maintaining high quality standard. The company believe that strategic overseas manufacture bases such as Vietnam factory, Malaysia factory, and Poland Europe factory will be able to effectively reduce the trade barrier risks. Therefore, Chilisin Group’s strategic plan will undoubtedly make this year’s operating performance worth looking forward to.



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